Aida Brothers – To Wish Peace

I have always been hungry for knowledge and embracing a diverse spectrum of people. Life is given to all for a purpose and/or for a great story. I was in college at the age of sixteen—eldest of three raised by a single parent. Incredible accomplishments academically, but very naive with life. I have had many experiences that would help the people of the world feel a bit better about themselves, especially that they are not alone, but this one in particular is for you.

My parents were married less than seven years. I was six years old in 1963 when I saw my father leave us and never return. My sister was only six months. I am an old soul always in search of justice and I grew up very quickly to help my mother. I worked several part-time jobs while attending school and helping at home. My uncle stepped in when he could from his own busy schedule and he was my male mentor. I learned to survive quickly. Attending Catholic school through college balanced everything for me. Until today my faith is my best supporter in good or bad times. I am also a very loyal person and when I do not receive it, in return, I am infuriated on the betrayal. There is a lesson in everything we go through, so I keep going on forgiving but not forgetting.

I was married at twenty-one years old and this was doomed from the beginning, unfortunately. I thank him for my son, who is my biggest accomplishment. I worked at EF Hutton during my marriage until they merged with Lehman Brothers while I was on maternity leave. The company misplaced my position as a manager in the accounting department until I called and straighten it all out. I should have stayed home raising my son, but then there would be no story to tell.

One year later I was traveling to Manhattan from Long Island heading to the Twin Towers for a meeting with American Express where every month we would consolidate and balance accounting ledgers for both companies. Unbeknownst to me the department I managed was being investigated for fraud. I was fired and in shock.

I was happy to be home, but I needed to be independent from my husband. While my son attended school I started a vision board. I immediately started a day care center out of my home on weekends. This grew into a twenty-five year business along with my computer company. I became a New York City Vendor. I did medical billing, data-entry for many different companies and IT/Billing Consultant for Optimum all out of the home. I divorced my husband of twenty-six years and it was annulled for free by the Diocese of Rockville Centre. That is a story in itself. I kept the house and I raised a son who is a great, compassionate and noble person. He is a certified teacher with a double Masters, has his license as a real estate agent, coaches baseball and is studying for his insurance license. I am disabled and retired at the age of fifty-nine with no regrets. I am an inspiration to those who care to know my story and I wish everyone peace.

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