Charrie Seeler – My Reinvention

Securing a new teaching position made me feel anonymous and invigorated, although it was a struggle to let go of a life of stifling certainty and to embrace a newly emergent life with boundless possibilities. The most compelling part of my transformation involved facing and interacting with the truth. The truth of it is job loss enabled me to realize that I was doing too much, working too hard, trying too hard, relaxing too little and not sleeping enough.

So where am I now in the sunny place at 55 years of age? I am physically healthier, and living a good life in Florida since leaving my friends at LIBC a year ago. I say “yes” to what I want to do and a resounding “no” to what I do not want to do.  I have shed some acquaintances, and deeply appreciate the few that are part of my reinvention and  job change. I have learned to eat more healthfully, am blessed to have a job that always now interests me in a sane way.

When I joined the club, I was so despairing of my job, my social alliances and my life. At 55, I have a nourishing interior life as well as a phenomenally fulfilling career going on the past six months. Going back to teaching after several years of being in a corporate role has been the best thing for me.

Nothing is perfect, and there is so much more for me I am sure. My evolution was gradual and reflects my commitments to my ideals, my community, my family and myself. My reinvention has been slow and steady and is the part of me that I am most proud of because I lifted the clouds that were covering me and I found the sunshine within and all around me.

I miss all the fun I had with the LIBC, and will be back to visit and follow your press on the website.  I will never forget how much I learned by getting involved with the organization, the people and, let’s not forget, the fun.

I wanted to let you know I am doing very well. Not rich, miss New York, miss the members, miss the excitement of New York, but rich in self and heart gainfully re-invented!

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