Christina Box – Happiness

I was a receptionist for the corporate office of a medical company and for two years, I went above and beyond for them. I was always trying to better myself by asking for more projects from other departments than just administration. Everybody noticed my hard work and dedication to the company but when it was time for raises, I never received what I should have received. It was always disappointing to me but I still worked as hard as I could and had numerous meetings with the HR department discussing a salary increase, but they always found reasons, unfair reasons, to not push me up in the company because they felt I was great where I was. They were “afraid” they wouldn’t find someone like me for replacement. When I got pregnant, I knew in my heart that I didn’t want to go back because I was not going anywhere with this company, and as much as that scared me knowing that I would have no income, I took the plunge. I went on maternity leave and sent HR the email that I was not returning. Knowing I wasn’t going back to a company that used me and tried to squeeze every work ethic out of me without the proper salary increase made me feel so free and so alive, although having a new baby and only one income, which was my husband‘s salary, scared the heck out of me. But somehow we have made it work and we are ok. And the best part, I felt so much happier. I ended up taking some jobs on the side that I was able to do from home while taking care of my baby. I am so grateful for my toddler and my life now. I have been there for every milestone.

Of course, I’m very lucky to have the option to resign from that very nasty place. Not everyone is able to make a choice like this, but remember, do not accept unfair treatment.

Think of those experiences as having ants in your pockets. Those ancillary negative thoughts—those ants in your pockets—can give you the absolute experience of knowing what you will not do on your journey of life.

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