Dolores Kornely – Unemployed at a Certain Age

As someone who has recently been eliminated in a cost-cutting measure by a large organization, it takes a certain amount of personal growth to not take it personally. The phrase “it’s just business” is a weak excuse for management to excuse the fact that they have not led an organization to success. I have seen many talented, but not valued employees eliminated just to give the impression that issues are being addressed. It always comes back to the same shell game. Disrupters scare most to try to do a better job or actually do what they were hired to do to drive an organization. It’s best to eliminate those who actually scare them into being better employees. It’s that old game of those who are liked best are kept, regardless of the true efforts brought forth every day. Is this a generational issue? I am sure it is. Multi-generational workplaces are ripe for lack of effective communication styles. As an example, Baby Boomers will pick up the phone vs. Millennials who would not even consider calling. Currently, we have four different generations all working for a common cause for an organization, but the approaches are very different. It’s the diversity topic but in a new way, we don’t have ageism we have “experiencism” and the generation not at the helm suffers greatly. In April the unemployment rate for Baby Boomers was in the 8% range and that doesn’t include those who stopped looking or are under-employed.

The only way to survive this new era of employment is to have a clear understanding of your career path, self-worth and financial stability. Long gone are the days that one organization is going to help you on these paths. You must get creative; this is not for the weak of heart for sure. You have to find your inner resilience, strength and resources. No one told you this or showed you how to do this. Now you are unemployed and the challenge is on full steam ahead. What are you going to do? How are you going to do it? Who can help you get there or assist in the process? I have found many people are more than willing to help. It’s human nature to want to help someone, and many do. They call this paying it forward. Little did I know that I have been doing this all my adult life and have adapted these skills to each and every situation that has been presented to me during my interesting career. I am very grateful to be a world traveler and feel that by having the many wonderful opportunities to travel alone or in groups it has given me the skills to depend on the person I am. Most people have not had these opportunities or desire to stretch for these dreams. The fear is real, painful and debilitating. The challenge to each individual is personal. It’s how you approach this new aspect of your life. Now is the time to continue to learn, build up a network that you actually speak with and meet, test yourself on a daily basis for what you really need. As one of my greatest sponsors told me during this latest development in my career “it’s just a moment in time on your journey.” I’m moving forward with the best possible attitude!

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