Elise Negrin – Bad Bosses – Bad Employees – it’s a Mixed Bag

Finally! I had a job interview. Well, at least that’s what they called it before I got there. I’m not mentioning names or locations, so this can apply to anyone. There are bad bosses, ones that are so controlling that they feel all others are idiots. Ones that don’t take the time to train, explain or even talk to you. I’m not talking large corporations here but small enterprises under 30 employees. What do you do if you walk into a place for an interview and its in the center of the current staff who are sitting around staring into space. There he is, the BOSS. He has 3 phones pressed to his face, while calling his staff lazy idiots. He asks his bookkeeper to cut a check then stops her 30 seconds later with instructions to do something else. Frustration and confusion are the only facial features I witnessed. He complained to me for nearly 2 hours, begging for help to “FIX” his sick company. When pressed for job details, I got a good salary offer, oh, that would be if the position were for 40 hours, but it was for 60 hours. Now that makes it more like minimum wage. But he says he loves my skills. Of course, I knew that, while standing at attention in the middle of the business version of “Hoarders!” What a fiasco. There’s more! When asked about training, he states that there is no training, if you don’t know what to do, then you’re an idiot and shouldn’t work there. He is correct. I cannot work there. I wouldn’t work there. He called the next day to see if I were still interested. One of his 4 office staff had quit. No wonder, he called the man a lazy idiot right in front of me. I was embarrassed for him. Wouldn’t you be? And no, I can’t work in that kind of environment. It’s bad for my health.

Yes, there are Bad Bosses out there. How about Bad employees? Plenty of them, too!

Elise Negrin

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