Kathy Frankson – The Real Benefits of Networking

A few years ago, I was feeling the urge to pivot at work. I did have an “aha” moment when planning my wedding where I realized that I was buying very differently that I was selling and I wanted to bridge that gap by moving into marketing. I started taking digital marketing courses and set up networking meetings. One of the most pivotal was with Marnie K. Wells. Marnie is one of those people who is impressive right out of the gate, and we sat there chatting about work and life. She was one step ahead of me. As we talked, Marnie pulled out a sheet of paper and started listing the smart, talented women she knew and gave the list to me as a resource.

I recently had a meeting with one of those women. It was serendipitous, to say the least aside, from getting sage advice and learning a shared love of tea. She recommended I get involved with Team Women and apply to their mentor program which I did. It felt like a great full circle moment fueled by a conversation that I was initially hesitant to schedule. So do reach out, connect, build relationships You will never know where they can take you.

Networking can seem so ambiguous, until you realize often times the entire purpose is that you don’t quite know what it will lead you to.

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