Patricia Locurcio – Living with MS

When I was 13 years old our neighborhood paper boy “Jay” was attracted to me and started to gain my parent’s trust. After a few months, they hired him to renovate our bathroom in the den. He would hang around after work and visit me on Friday and Saturday night when my parents went out. My sisters would be upstairs in our split level house, watching TV or sleeping, and I would be in the den waiting for Jay to come around back.  A few months after we had unprotected sex, I realized I was not getting my period. I ignored the pregnancy symptoms until my mother questioned if I had recently gotten my period. She took me to the doctor and he determined I was six months pregnant. To avoid embarrassment, my parents made up a story that I was visiting my Grandmother in Florida, but in truth they sent me to a facility on Long Island for underage mothers. I was forced to give the baby up for adoption and a month after her birth I transitioned into high school as if nothing had happened.

Fresh out of high school in 1984, I attended secretarial school and within six months of graduating I landed an interview with Mr. B, a prominent lawyer on Long Island. He was well-known for handling high profile divorce and criminal cases and I worked for him as a legal assistant for 20 years.  This job gave me the experience I needed to become the virtual assistant I am today. Working in the field of litigation was challenging and throughout the years I was forced to meet with the attorney’s constant deadlines. These long hours at work were an interruption into my family life. On top of the high demand and stress of this job, in 1994 I developed symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the early age of 29. I was diagnosed within a year and I pushed through the MS symptoms of slurred speech, double vision, facial paralysis, fatigue, etc. for as long as I could. The symptoms continued to worsen, and once walking became difficult I had no choice but to retire and take care of my illness.

Without a job to help support my family I filled my time volunteering, attending physical therapy to keep my body strong, and taking care of my family. I met people through my involvement with local associations, chambers, and clubs. Networking opened up a whole new world for me to further gain independence. I have received awards such as “Hometown Hero,” “Business Person of the Year,” and “Woman of Distinction,” because of my dedication and community service.

Recently I have become involved in freelance work at home and it has proven that anything is possible despite having and living with MS. Just like anyone else I have bad days, but since I started using Young Living Essential Oils daily, I am empowered to make a difference in my life and to assist and help guide others to live their best lives by using and sharing Essential Oils with every home in the world!

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