About the Book

“We’re downsizing.”

“It’s a business decision.”

“Your position has been eliminated.”

Valentina Janek got the “Big Bad Boot” on the Thanksgiving weekend. “I was hoping to receive a promotion and a pat on the back. Ka Choong! Was I on another planet? I was, as they put it so kindly, downsized. There I was, 53 years old, shocked, confused, trying to figure out what happened. I realized very quickly that the best day of the rest of my life was the day I left like a bird flies away. Getting the big bad boot gave me wings to fly!”

This book is a compilation of inspirational, engaging and funny stories from Valentina and many other people who received the “pink slip”, but came out on the other side better and brighter for it. Readers will see themselves and their struggles through these stories and know that their own journeys – though chaotic – can have the same positive results.