What a wonderful Newsday article featuring you and your amazing accomplishments, Tina. So happy to read about your many accomplishments through the years.
I wanted to mail you an actual note card, but not certain of your address since the article mentions you are a Stonybook resident.
At any rate, I remember you well from my days in the not for profit world, NSFRE, AFP, Public Relations Society, and other groups when our paths crossed.
My daughter, Jennifer Romney Walsh, worked for CMP about the same time you did. I also remember Donna Cariello when she first founded LI Way and I worked at Family & Children’s in Mineola.
I have been retired for ten years now and so pleased that your untiring efforts are receiving the recognition you so richly deserve. Sending warmest wishes for continued success with all your projects.
 Marie Romney Palagonia

Are you ready, Are you ready, Let’s get it on was the moment we were noticed on CNN.

Congratulations on your book fired to freedom. This is an accomplishment you should be very
proud of. Writing this book was he best outcome for you and the Long Island Breakfast Club.
This is a significant achievement of success and many people will be affected in so many positive ways.
This was the best way to shape your future by writing such a positive book.

Valentina Janek is a rare person with vision, compassion and energy to get things done exceptionally well.
Her passion is to help with the struggles of others in the community and improve the quality of life.
Valentina creates such energy in a room as a beacon of light for anyone to see.
You never know who you will meet to make you and others a better person.

Thank you so very much for your contributions to the Long Island Breakfast Club which helped you write this upcoming Book.
This has been a mission over the years to share what we all have been through. Your book will share their stories.
I am very proud of you publishing this book as your husband Ronald Janek would be very proud.

From me to you Valentina a heart felt congratulations with more success to come your way!

Chris Fidis