A thought that is with me every moment of the day . . . 

As founder of LIBC for 3.5 years now, Iwant to take a minute to explain what the LIBC has been to me.

To start, it means that we all care, we as a group want to be around for years to come.  It’s not about what other people want or hear and quite frankly it’s not easy, doing what’s easy will not get you to the next point, what we are trying to do here is the right thing.

It also means in this economy that we have all come to trust over the years things like Windex, glad, pledge and Ziploc bags and our household items for the survival of our home.  now we wonder where we are where we are gong and who will be our household employer.

The LIBC has become a household staple on Long Island simply because we care. For us, it has been an extension of a “We care” program. To us it is more than a relationship, it is our inspiration, its the people we meet, and the successes we have seen maybe it takes a little longer for us older folks, but in the end, if we continue to do what is right, it all come full circle.  its all about the experiences we share and the things we do to keep positive laugh cry and lots of other things.

IfIi think of all the people that have come thru the doors, stuck around, achieved jobs, and still support and refer others, that is the circle of what we do here. 

Your grandmother was right. If only corporate and government would recall traditional values again, life in the business world is difficult, change is everywhere and may uf us are still reeling from the workforce bloodletting that began two years ago. Imagine if everyone  in the business world, went back to courtesy and fairness when hiring.  that’s our goal here.

its all about remembering the simple things your grandmother taught you way back when when getting through the day and helping others to get through their day was how they preached.

discipline in keeping track of the details of your interviews, your mentors and making the effort to know so the facts of what is and what is not does not slip away when you are busy.  bringing out memories of things will make other people pay attention to you when following up with them.  vocal appreciation is another simple way to generate goodwill after an interview.

if a high profile individual responds to you, make sure you thank them but also consider sending them a card or on an email. 

meet in person.  given the emphasis on ecommunications going out of your way to meet people in person is another way to stand out.  go the extra half inch.  follow up on a minor lead that you are curious about and volunteer for that unsexy project that could make the difference for your career in the end.

our board has met with the county offices, the town of oyster bay and we are pushing this issue of mid life mid income all of you guys here,  we do believe and we need for everyone to continue to speak about what we are doing here.    power in numbers, we are going to make things happen.