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The Long Island Breakfast Club & The Long Island Breakfast Writers Club is proud to announce a new venture with GOVSRADIO.COM.  On Thursday July 18th the Long Island Breakfast Club Show will launch its first radio podcast inaugural show airing on  FACEBOOK, GOVSRADIO.COM, GOOGLE AND YOU TUBE on Monday and Thursday Mornings from 9:30 AM to 10:30AM.  Production office is located at  90 Division Avenue, Levittown, Long Island.

As a dedicated Long Island community advocate, our content will be diverse. You name it, we will talk about it. I wanted to reach out to ask for your participation in this very new and inaugural radio podcasting initiative. I believe you will find out so many interesting things about people, places, and things that are available to Long Islanders. Specializing in many different arenas, the Breakfast Club’s motto is, we meet, we eat and we seek. With a comedic flair, we will be talking about things you may not know. Our hope is that we enlighten you about what’s available on Long Island. There will be very interesting and different guests and topics ranging from from soup to nuts!!!! Yes, nuts!!!!

A great addition to any business marketing strategy, podcasting is the newest way to reach a new audience, which include Long Islanders, small medium and large business owners and diverse individuals that could eventually be a new audience of clients, friends, and vendors enhancing your business model and client base. I have attached an upcoming calendar for your review. Sponsorship podcast advertising that include guest appearances are available.  For questions, and inquiries about sponsorship opportunities, please call “Tina Valentina” at GOVSRADIO.COM  at 516-314-8989 or email to boost your presence on Long Island.


GOVSRADIO.COM       Long Island Breakfast Club  Show


Log into Facebook
Search Govs Radio
Wait to see red icon in the corner that says “LIVE.” That indicates the show is now live.

Log onto YouTube 

Search Govs Radio

The live show can be seen there as well.

Go to

Click on “Live Video Feed”

The live show can be seen there as well. 

Call In Number:  516-465-3990