Radio Show

The LIBC has climbed behind the mic for its own show at G’s NightClub in West Hempstead. -streaming. The “Long Island Breakfast Club Show” will feature “Tina Valentina” and Gregg  Cajuste – in live segments on Mondays and Thursdays, with episodes simulcast on the G’s Facebook, Long Island Breakfast Club and Long Island Breakfast Club Show, Google and YouTube streaming sites.   The idea is to deliver enlightening information from the diverse world of the LIBC with a humorous touch,  at G’s Club located at 157 Hempstead Avenue, West Hempstead, NY.   “With a comedic flair, we will be talking about things you may not know that will enhance your business, your life and your overall success,” Janek said this week, promising a “very interesting editorial calendar … ranging from soup to nuts.”   A great addition to any business marketing strategy, as stated by Valentina Janek “Podcasting is the smart way to reach a new audience which will include Long Islanders, small medium and large business owners, charities, and other significant people places and things on Long Island. 

Our newest initiative will be our PM edition on Thursdays, showcasing musicians, artists, performers, and feature actors and actresses once a week, with guest seating and social distancing available as part of our package with special VIP guests both inside the studio and outside on our new groomed grounds.


Gregg and Valentina were on the R.E.S.T. show with Susan Ganz. Watch it here: